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Nearing the launch date of the GrayMatter’s Finance Analytics FA+ 3.0 on 7th March 2014, it seemed like the right thing to do to give a quick pre-view of what FA+ 3.0 is all about and also an insight into why we decided on Finance Analytics. While our solution engineering team gives the final touches to the much awaited global solution, it is heartening to see the response from our existing and some prospect customers who have seen the power of FA+ 3.0 in last week’s preview session. It only re-affirms our belief that we are on the right track.


According to a joint study conducted by Gartner and Finance Executives Research Foundation (FERF) in 2013, 15 of the top 19 business processes that CFOs have identified as requiring improved technology support are largely addressed by BI, analytics and performance management technologies. The survey results showed that the top business process area that needs technology investment is to facilitate analysis and decision making (59%, up from 57% in 2012), followed by the ongoing monitoring of business performance (50%), and then collaboration and knowledge management (45% down from 52% in 2012). This study findings and our internal statistics based on feedback from several existing and prospect customers, reinforces the need for Finance Analytics across industries, regions and business models.

GrayMatter’s FA+ 3.0 is a BI and analytics solution designed, specifically keeping in mind, the changed and evolving role played by the CFO and the finance function at the enterprise level in today’s business environment.

Some of the key points describing FA+ 3.0 are as follows:

  • FA+ 3.0 is a finance function which is specially the pre-built BI solution
  • ‘Out of the box‘ complete range of dashboards, reports and analytics designed specifically to promote best practices for finance department analytics
  • ‘Out of box‘ complete statistical model for predictive analysis
  • ‘Out of box‘ complete finance data warehouse model
  • ‘Out of Box’ data integration approach with all major data sources in finance department
  • Single unified architecture: Integrate various BI components like Reporting, Dashboards, Ad-hoc analysis, OLAP/Cube analytics, ETL Connectors, Data Mining, Pre-built data model and pre-built BI contents

GrayMatter’s Finance Analytics (FA+) 3.0 promises are as follows:

  • A comprehensive solution across all functions of finance including strategic linkages
  • Simple, risk-free deployment
  • The ‘pre-built’ proposition of the product radically alters the traditional deployment
    life-cycle for BI and hence makes it more predictable and risk free.
  • Faster time to deployment (A 4 week commitment)
  • Dramatically lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Customers no longer need to appoint multiple external vendors – management consultants, SI organizations and tool-technology vendors – to manage the ‘define-design-customize-deploy-maintain’ life-cycle.


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