Functional Areas of Finance Analytics Solution

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Financial Analytics is an intuitive user-friendly dashboard solution with strategic reporting & analysis enhancing enterprise productivity, identifying opportunities & pre-empting problem areas much in advance. It works through assessing individual or granular aspects of a business and then combining all relevant information so that an overarching, financially beneficial decision can be made. Financial analytics allows business executives to proactively seek out ways to change and enhance their business models so that they are constantly up-to-date with the current financial environment. Increasingly companies look up to business intelligence solutions to provide visibility into the full scope of their business and financial operations.

Functional Areas of FA+ 3.0 Finance Analytics Solution

General Ledger

Finance Analytics General Ledger General ledger is heart of the account system in any enterprise and contains accounting transactions from subledgers or modules like accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, fixed assets, purchasing and projects.FA+ 3.0 GL analytics enables business users to quickly access the transactional data behind GL journal entries and analyze critical cost and revenue information to improve expense management and organizational profitability. It also helps analyze current and past financial performance by comparing financial ratios and metrics that affect leverage, liquidity and profitability. Key analyses area given below:

Account Receivable and Account Payable Analytics

Finance Analytics - Account Receivables and Payables Finance Analytics FA+ Account Receivables and Payable reports helps organization analyze its cash flows thus enabling more efficient cash and working capital management. Key analyses area are given below:

Financial Ratio Analytics

Financial Ratio Analytics Financial Ratio Analytics which analyse company performance and utilisation of company’s resources. FA+ automates the calculation of ratios and enables ratio analyses and trending across various time period such as monthly, quarterly and annually. Some of the Key financial indicator ratios covered in FA+ are given below:

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Fixed Assets Analysis

Fixed Assets Analysis FA+ enables fixed assets analyses with respect to their productivity, efficiency, performance and profitability. Key areas covered are given below:

Analyse growth rate of fixed assets over time

FA Schedule - Understanding the closing balance of assets based on opening balance, asset additions, retirements, transfers of fixed assets like Land (open spaces), Buildings (facilities and other ancillary buildings), Equipment and Machinery, Tools & Plants, furniture, vehicles and Electronics installations

Lapsing Schedule - Understanding the depreciation and net book value of fixed assets; analyze asset life, cost, purchase date, depreciation method, depreciation % per annum, accumulated depreciation and net book value; MoM and YTD depreciation for each asset

Audit and Compliance

Audit And Compliance Analytics Audit and compliance MIS is critical for doing business as per the law of the land and in adherence to regulatory mandates and guidelines. Automation of such MIS increases organisation productivity and efficiency thus enables organisation to focus more on its core business. FA+ provides prebuilt and custom MIS to address following areas within audit and compliance:

Cash Management Analytics

Cash Management Analytics FA+ provide analytics to optimize cash inflows , cash balance and cash outflows . Some of the key features are given below:

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Treasury Analytics

Treasury Analytics Finance Analytics FA+ provides Treasury Analytics to deploy idle funds obtained after addressing the organization working capital requirements. Additionally Treasury Analytics provides

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