Q. This looks like an all-encompassing solution. How long does it take to implement the solution?

Q. How much does FA+ cost? How does it compare with a custom built solution?

Q. How can a pre-built solution meet my needs?

Q. My business has its unique needs. What if my requirements are very different from what your pre-defined      solution addresses?

Q. I have existing investments in a particular technology stack. Would your solution work well with my tech stack      or do I have to refresh my tech stack and in the process lose my existing investments?

Q. I have several different data sources across businesses, geographies and systems! How will you integrate these      disparate data sources?

Q. How does FA+ compare with an industry standard tool like Qlikview for example?

Q. How do you ensure that industry standard BI needs are factored in your solution?

Q. Is FA+ available for purchase on a licensed model?

Q. I have a dynamically growing business, would your solution scale up to my future needs?

Q. My key business users have unique information needs. They get irritated with standard, vanilla reports! How can      FA+ address that?

Q. Can my sales heads view the FA+ reports on the go?

Q. I like the solution… I wish there was an instalment payment scheme. Is it possible?

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